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Dr. Carrie Carter has made more than 100 appearances on television and radio, speaking as an expert on health. She currently appears regularly on several national and regional shows, including:

KFAX AM1100 "Thrive! Live" - Dr. Carter spoke on women's health issues live on the radio every Friday, heard throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

KPRZ AM1210 - Dr. Carter has been a substitute host on the Dana Sturgeon show, weekdays at 2:00 PM in the San Diego area.


"Carrie Carter knows her stuff and she's great on the air!! After her appearance on my program I took several of her suggestions and began implementing them in my everyday life. I highly recommend "A Woman's Guide to Good Health" - it's an excellent, easy to understand book written to women by a woman physician that knows and cares about their health. That's what sets this book and Carrie Carter apart from the rest!" - Janet Folger, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host and President of Faith2Action.

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