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Carrie L. Carter, M.D., is an award-winning author, popular international speaker and has been a board certified primary care physician for 16 years.

Awarded “Outstanding Teacher” by her medical students at the University of California San Diego, Dr. Carter is noted for her gentleness and ability to speak in a highly understandable manner.

She is an author, regular columnist for MOMSense Magazine, and frequent health expert on national radio and television programs. She has appeared on nearly 150 programs.

Named “2003 Writer of the Year” by the San Diego Christian Writers Guild, she is the author of recently published A Woman’s Guide to Good Health (Spire / Revell; 2006), and the critically acclaimed books Mom’s Health Matters (Zondervan; 2003), and Thrive! A Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle (Bethany House; 2003)—which was named Finalist for Health Book of the Year by Foreword Magazine in 2003.

Most importantly Dr. Carter is a wife and mother of a teenage son and resides with her family in San Diego. She has lived with chronic illness for over six years -- a sudden onset of severe Meniere's disease (an inner ear disorder the causes constant dizziness, vertigo, fatigue) which has improved, yet remained despite excellent medical, surgical and alternative medical care. 

She has had to give up her medical practice 6 years ago and has been essentially housebound for most of that time (she cannot drive and often must use wheelchair for outings due to symptoms and fatigue).
Now on “good days” she is able to do some driving and some traveling, but her level of function is very unpredictable.

In February of 2004 Dr. Carter was diagnosed with Lupus (systemic lupus erythermatosis), which severely impacted her writing and speaking engagements for many months. Her lupus is now under control.

Nevertheless Dr. Carter is grateful to God for His faithfulness in the midst of this major life change, and grateful for the privilege to share health information with others through her books, articles, radio and TV shows. 

"God has such a great sense of humor--He chose a sick person to write on wellness!. My illness has made me more passionate than ever to share information that will help others hold onto their health."

"Thank you to the many special people that have made and continue to make my writing and speaking career possible.  May God richly bless you!” - Dr. Carrie Carter.

Carrie Carter, M.D., F.A.A.P.  Biographical Information

Medical Credentials

  • Board certified, primary care physician for 16 years--worked as office pediatrician for eleven years, and frequently taught parent groups
  • Served as Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Univ. of California, San Diego
  • Awarded "Outstanding Teaching" award by UCSD medical students
  • Member of Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA), and American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Advisory Board Member for the Invisible Illness Advocate Organization
  • Member of the Vestibular Disorders Association.

Award Winning International Speaker & Author

  • Author of A Woman's Guide to Healthy Living; Spire 2006
  • Author of Mom’s Health Matters; Zondervan Publishing House; 2003
    **SDBAA Runner-up for Health Book of the Year**
  • Author of Thrive!  A Women's Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle; Bethany House Publishers; 2003
    **2003 Forward Magazine finalist for Health Book of the Year**
  • 2003 Writer of the Year - San Diego Christian Writers Guild
  • Regular columnist for 3 years for MOMSense Magazine
  • Has authored a bi-monthly column -- "Health Matters on the Web"  at www.mops.org
  • Developed and taught the fact-filled and fun 2-1/2 hour seminar "Prescription for Optimal Health;" taught in cities from Orlando to Maui to Edmonton, Canada
  • Served as a medical expert for nearly 150 TV news casts and radio programs regionally and nationally.
  • Appears on national TV programs including Total Living with Jerry Rose, At Home Live with Chuck and Jenni.
  • Appears frequently on national live radio programs including Janet Parshall's America, Faith2Action with Janet Folger, Moody's Midday Connection with Anita Lustrea, American Breakfast with Phil Paleologas
  • Has co-hosted a weekly radio show on women's health for KFAX-AM 1100 in San Francisco called "Thrive--LIVE with Dr. Carrie Carter"
  • Appeared on monthly health radio shows on several regional and national stations in the U.S.
  • Served as Guest Host for KPRZ-AM’s “The Dana Sturgeon Show”

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