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Carrie Carter, M.D, F.A.A.P has been a board-certified primary care physician for over 16 years. She is a regular columnist for MOMSense Magazine and the MOPS International website. An international speaker, she has provided expert medical advise on over 150 television and radio programs.

Dr. Carter provides medically sound information about women’s health issues including prevention of disease, nutrition, and menopause. Her gentle and understandable woman-to-woman, engaging style makes her a practical resource you’ll turn to frequently — just as you’d turn to a trusted friend for help.

Her books will become a standard reference manual, rarely making it past your nightstand.

"Carrie Carter knows her stuff and she's great on the air!! After her appearance on my program I took several of her suggestions and began implementing them in my everyday life. I highly recommend "A Woman's Guide to Good Health" - it's an excellent, easy to understand book written to women by a woman physician that knows and cares about their health. That's what sets this book and Carrie Carter apart from the rest!" - Janet Folger, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host and President of Faith2Action.

Named 2003 Writer of the Year!
awarded by the San Diego Christian Writer's Guild

2003 National Forward Magazine finalist for "Health Book of the Year"

Website of the Week
awarded by
Christian Wellness

A Woman's Guide to Good Health by Dr. Carrie CarterPurchase A Woman's Guide to Good Health by Dr. Carrie CarterDo you want to control your weight, increase your energy level and manage stress? Of course you do. Now you have Dr. Carrie Carter, an experienced primary care physician at your fingertips, guiding you to a more healthy, happy life. Medical information can be overwhelming and confusing, Dr. Carter helps you sort through what's important and necessary to know.

Mom's Health Matters, by Dr. Carrie CarterJust what the doctor ordered to provide solid, practical, and up-to-date health information for busy moms and encourage them to make even little changes to improve their health now and prevent disease later.
2003 San Diego Book Association Awards runner up for "Health Book of the Year"


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